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Incentive Policies
City of Corpus Christi Economic Development

Incentive Policies
2009 - 2011

Section I: Introduction to the City
Section II: Position Statement
Section III: Local Incentives
  Tax Abatement
  Chapter 380 Agreement
  Tax Increment Financing
  Public Improvement Districts
  Industrial District
  Business & Job Development Corporation (Type A)
  Freeport Exemptions
  Fast Track Permitting Process
  Large Retail/Mixed Use Development & Redevelopment
  Renewal Community
  Development Fee Reduction/Waiver
  Community Air Service Development Initiative
  High Speed Connection
  Waiver of Tap Fees for Water and Wastewater
  Small Business Disabled Access Credit
  Natural Gas Home Builder Rebate Program
Section IV: State Incentives
  Municipal Management Districts
  Municipal Development Districts
  Municipal Utility Districts
  Municipal Setting Designations
  Neighborhood Empowerment Zone
  Texas Leverage Fund
  North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) IZ
  Emerging Technology Fund
  Skills Development Fund
  Economic Development Refund
  Industrial Revenue Bond Program
  Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program
  Enterprise Zones
  Texas Enterprise Fund Program
  Texas Industry Development Loan Program
  Texas Preservation Trust Fund Grant Program
Section V: Federal Incentives
  Brownfields Economic Development Initiative (BEDI)
  Economic Development Initiative (EDI)
  Economic Development Administration
  Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives Program
  New Markets Tax Credit Program
Section VI: Small Business Support Guidelines
Section VII: Maps
  Corpus Christi (North) Beach
  Padre Island
  Renewal Communities