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MarkWest Javelina Company Profile

Markwest Javelina CompanyMarkWest Javelina
5314 Interstate 37
Corpus Christi, Texas 78407
(361) 289-4900




MarkWest Javelina is an off-gas processing plant that is solely owned by Denver-based MarkWest Energy Partners L.P. Off-gas is created during the refining process and historically was used as a fuel in refinery boilers and heaters. However, this off-gas contains components, such as ethylene, ethane and hydrogen which are more valuable as chemical and plastic feedstocks than they are as fuels. Each of the six refineries in the Corpus Christi area produce this off-gas, but not in sufficient volumes at each refinery to economically justify the investment needed for a processing facility to separate the components. The MarkWest Javelina facility was built in 1989-90 to process off-gas from the various local refineries. The facility began processing gas from the refineries in late 1990. Although the MarkWest Javelina facility has the appearance of a refinery, it processes no crude oil, and is not classified by the federal government as a refinery.

MarkWest Javelina has approximately 50 full-time employees which represent an annual payroll of more than $3 million. Annually, MarkWest Javelina makes more than $36 million in local purchases and pays more than $1 million in local school and property taxes.

When all six local refineries are on-line, MarkWest Javelina can process approximately 138 million standard cubic feet per day of refinery off-gas. From this supply of off-gas, MarkWest Javelina produces more than 28,000 barrels of liquid hydrocarbons, including ethylene, ethane, propylene, propane, butane and natural gasoline, plus 30 million standard cubic feet of hydrogen. Ethylene and propylene are classified as basic petrochemicals, while ethane, propane and butane are considered feedstocks. Pentane, also called natural gasoline, is routed to the refineries for further processing. Hydrogen is widely used in the chemical and refining industries.

MarkWest Javelina has been the recipient of the Coastal Bend Business Roundtable’s Safety Merit Awards for 1998 and 1999 and Safety Excellence Awards for 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. As of August 2006, MarkWest Javelina employees have worked 14 years without a lost time injury.