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Why Qualified Sites?   Economic developers have found that the timeframe for making business location decisions has shortened and companies are becoming much more risk-averse. When a company makes a decision to build a new facility, they look for a site that is ready to develop and relatively risk free. More progressive economic development organizations have taken the lead in their community by identifying and providing as much due diligence on sites with “site certification” or “site readiness” programs. With our leading the economic development efforts for the Corpus Christi region, the Corpus Christi Regional EDC launched the Site Inventory and Qualified Site Program in August of 2016 which identifies and assists in promoting sites that have been vetted with both environmental and engineering due diligence work in partnership with local property owners and allow the region to be competitive globally when site selection consultants and companies consider the Coastal Bend region.

A CCREDC Qualified Site is a development-ready industrial site that has been identified initially in the CCREDC inventory of sites and then has completed a rigorous review process by CCREDC staff and local engineering and environmental consultants. Specific site details, such as zoning restrictions, title work, environmental studies, soil analysis and surveys, are assessed for compliance and authenticity. The majority of the costs for environmental and engineering due diligence work will be funded by CCREDC with property owners expected to fund some of the costs and is a negotiated amount between the site owner and CCREDC.

 For More Information on the CCREDC's site inventory and Qualified Site Program,
please contact Tommy Kurtz, VP, Business and Strategic Development at 361 882-7448 or email



                  GANDY  -  1,600 acres            Phase I       MAPS     Geotech Report- Stage 1




                    MCKAMEY  -   1,300 acres         Phase I   Geotechnical Data










 Qualified Site 2: Corpus Christi International Airport- 148.96 acres

            CCIA Hangar Development: Conceptual


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 Qualified Site 3: Robstown, Texas 171 acres


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Qualified Site 4: Mathis, Texas  100 acres


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 Qualified Site 5: Solid Rock in Corpus Christi, TX  50 acres


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 Qualified Site 6: Rockport Terminals, Port Aransas 238 acres



 Qualified Site 7: Midway site, Taft TX  1700 acres



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