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Company: Flint Hills Resources
Flint Hills Resources is an independent refining and chemicals company. It strives to create value for its customers and society through the way its facilities operate, its efficient use of resources, the products it produces and markets, and its involvement in its communities. Its refineries produce fuels that power much of Texas, the Midwest and the Alaska interior. Its petrochemicals are used to manufacture goods from plastics to building products to packaging materials. The asphalt it produces is used in communities across the Midwest. The base oils it markets are the principle raw material used to produce premium motor oil, commercial lubricants and sealants and coatings.

Flint Hills Resources’ manufacturing capability is built upon six decades of refining experience. The company has expanded its production capacity – through acquisitions and capital projects – to meet customer needs in the markets it serves in Alaska, the Midwest and Texas as well as the global polymers, olefins, aromatics and intermediate chemicals industries. 

With its strong manufacturing, marketing and product innovation capabilities, Flint Hills Resources’ employees work to anticipate customer demands and then efficiently and profitably meet those needs. 

Refining & Supply - Flint Hills Resources operates refining complexes in Alaska (North Pole), Minnesota (Rosemount) and Texas (Corpus Christi) with a combined crude oil processing capacity of more than 800,000 barrels of crude oil per day. These facilities are served by strategically located terminals and pipelines, some of which are operated by Koch Pipeline Company, L.P. Flint Hills Resources' interests in Canada include Calgary-based crude oil marketing, transportation and storage. Supply for the refineries is secured through crude oil purchasing offices located in Calgary and Houston. 

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Flint Hills Resources markets a full slate of petroleum products – asphalt, Group II base oils, gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, heating oil and others - including value-added fuels such as cleaner-burning gasoline and performance diesel fuels. 

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Chemicals & Polymers - Flint Hills Resources is a leading producer of petrochemicals and related products with manufacturing facilities in Illinois, Michigan and Texas. The company produces aromatics, intermediates and EPS, olefins and polymers. These products are used to manufacture a diverse array of items globally. 

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