Govind Development, LLC

Company: Govind Development, LLC
Industries: Engineering
Phone: 361-241-2777
Govind Development, LLC Engineering Division (GDL) is a full-service, multi-discipline firm with extensive refinery, petrochemical and terminals capabilities. Our staff of highly trained engineers and designers has the ability to generate packages for maintenance, turnaround, re-design or grass-roots project scopes. We also will assist with assimilating your project ideas into a tangible design. From conceptual process engineering to detailed piping design, GDL can equip your facility with a cost-effective solution that will enable you to compete in todays marketplace. We have experience with multiple refining customers who have relied on us to deliver consistent and predictable results in their units. From light hydrocarbon through coking units, GDLs expertise and commitment to excellence produces a quality engineering effort. We are a company owned by Industrial experts and financially backed by strong Industrial investors with a commitment to meet todays market demands in the fields of project management, engineering design, CAD/CAE/CAM drafting, project controls, procurement and construction related technical services. Our team applies its in-depth knowledge of the latest software tools being used in the engineering and project environment. Through online enterprise level project management and execution, to the placement of professional resources to meet your specific project needs, Govind Development offers companies an easy means of instantly expanding their work force and improving project productivity. The company is powered by a team of experienced & highly motivated professional individuals who are committed to providing specialized Project Services & Manpower Solutions for industrial, commercial and international markets.
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