Landlord Resources, LLC

Company: Landlord Resources, LLC
Industries: Real Estate
Phone: 361-857-8991
Our mission is to build long term value in our properties, and to expand and develop our holdings. We think that we do an excellent job of operating commercial and retail real estate. We maintain our properties well and do what it takes to keep them updated, attractive, and competitive - and leased to successful tenants. At the same time, we try to get more than a normal amount of value for each dollar spent. We're known for creative and responsible development coupled with intensive management. We give our customers great value for their rent dollar.

We're proud of our relationship with our customers, vendors, and contractors. We work hard, we do what we say we'll do, and expect no less from our associates.

We believe that good shopping centers are made of creative and hard working merchants occupying sound, functional, and attractive buildings. Even with prime locations and great facilities, it is the business themselves that make a commercial environment what it is. We aim to lease our retail space to the most successful merchants and service providers, and we need the help of the brokerage community to make this happen." 
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