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Company: HighTouch Technologies
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It All Started With Passion

Sharing a love of computers and problem-solving, two bright young programmers, Dave Glover and Mark Lenz, went to work with their former college professor, Ted Cary, a guy who únever fit into anybody else box.

Writing custom software and designing systems, the three created their niche in the rent-to-own industry, a market ripe for automation, in the late 1970s and founded High Touch in 1984. Ever since, we have had a commanding presence in the rent-to-own market (RTO), evolving with the industry and with technology. Today, that software is known as Cynergi Suite and continues to allow customers to track inventory, customers and payments.

Selling a Service You Could Count On

Creating reliable, efficient rent-to-own software wasn't the only way High Touch pioneered. An early adopter of the Software as a Service model, we not only provided software but also upgrades and technical support as part of the package. Customers knew that High Touch would be there when they needed them.

High Touch and its employees anticipated customers broadening technological needs. And our expertise broadened with them: Web development. Security from spam, viruses and other threats. Managed IT solutions. Unified communications systems of phones, email and computers. Cloud computing. Colocation of servers. Mobile devices and apps. Custom programming for legacy systems.

Becoming a Full-Service Provider

As High Touch expanded its skill set, the employee-owned company strategically sought markets beyond the rent-to-own industry. Today, High Touch and approximately 200 employees provide technology solutions to small and midsize businesses in all 50 states and seven countries from its Midwest home of Wichita, Kansas.

High Touch grew its knowledge base and geographic reach in recent years by acquiring companies that fit our intention to provide customers access to technology or services they need or will come to need. Purchases include a Kansas City managed services provider, a Denver consulting firm specializing in unified communications and Value-Added Products/Services, a Wichita digital marketing firm, and a Dallas data center delivering cloud and colocation services.

With its tools and expertise, High Touch is still building on the approach it started with more than three decades ago: provide technology and support that’s efficient, reliable and up to date.
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