Sustainable Growth



Our region's existing industry is also committed to the reduction of emissions. Local partners have taken steps that are not required but are important to lowering our emissions.  These include government entities replacing their fleets with more efficient vehicles and switching to natural gas engines, better scheduling and traffic management that keeps commuters moving and not idling going to and from plants.  Industries are using more efficient processes and have replaced old equipment with newer equipment that produces less.  It takes all players to ensure we stay in attainment, and we are proud of the work that has been done voluntarily by our region's industry to protect our air quality. (See chart below for details.)


The CCREDC is focused on allowing for growth to continue in our area while at the same time protecting our environment for the folks who live and work here. To that end, CCREDC has established standards to reduce air emissions during the construction and operation of industrial projects building in our area. These standards are recommended by TCEQ to make significant reductions to the environmental impact of large industrial projects as they are built and operated, and will be adopted into our requirements for eligibility for local tax incentives for these new companies moving into the Coastal Bend.

We are members of the Corpus Christi Air Quality Group, which is comprised of stakeholders committed to researching and delivering programs to maintain air quality and educating the community. To find out more about this group: https://www.facebook.com/ccairquality/





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