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Corpus Christi is currently ranked as one the most affordable places to buy a home in the USA.  July 8,2020 

Corpus Christi is listed at #14 in most popular locations for Millenials (people born between 1981-1996) to purchase homes.
Where are millenials buying homes?

Corpus Christi ranks Number 25 In the Cities With Best Work-Live Balance Survey. 
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Corpus Christi, Texas ranked in Top twenty least expensive cities for cost of doing  business in the Western US.

Corpus Christi ranked in the top 50 best places in the United States to start a business

Source: WalletHub

Corpus Christi iranked #13 on Wallet Hub's Hardest-Working Cities in the U.S

Corpus Christi is rated as the #12 Best City in the United States for Veterans.

Global Trade magazine has ranked Corpus Christi as a top city for best infrastructure in the magazine's 5th annual America's Top Cities for Global Trade feature in their October/November issue. The magazine's annual ranking pulls together the 105 best U.S. cities for global trade based on numerous categories including Best Infrastructure, Most Innovative, Site Selection Assistance, Best Workforce, and Export Assistance. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/global-trade-magazine-ranks-corpus-170000316.html

Corpus Christi was ranked #42 in Wallet Hub's Best Cities to Live in 2018 https://wallethub.com/edu/best-worst-large-cities-to-live-in/14358/ and best place to raise a family: https://wallethub.com/edu/best-places-to-live-in-texas/22419/

Corpus Christi was ranked #10 on Wallet Hub's 2016 Best Cities to Start a Career list


Corpus Christi is ranked #43 on Wallet Hub's 2016 Best Cities to Find a Job list


Port Corpus Christi was named one of the 2016 Best Locations for Exporting in Texas by Southern Business and Development Magazine and is the fifth largest port in the United States based on tonnage exported and in 2017 was named the largest American exporter of oil.

The Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation was named one of the top Economic Development agencies in Texas in the April, 2016 issue of Southern Business and Development Magazine: http://www.pageturnpro.com/Progress-Printing/79855-Southern-Business_Spring-2017/default.html#page/62

Site Selection magazine has awarded Texas the Governors Cups for attracting new facilities in 2015 2016, and 2017,  — https://siteselection.com/press/releases/180305_GOV_CUP.html

In 2015, Wallet Hub named Corpus Christi:

#22 Fastest Growing City

#62 Healthiest Housing Market

#6 Best City to Start a Career

#43 Best City to Find a Job

#26 Hardest Working City

#33 Best City to Start a Business

#2 Best City for Hispanic Entrepeneurs

#6 Best Run City

#11 Most Efficient Spending on Education

#19 Best City for Families

#36 Most Diverse City

#19 Most Diversified Economy




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